Videocaster Software

Veebeam VideoCaster software enables a PC desktop to be streamed to a TV. Any content that can be viewed on the PC can also be viewed on a TV. VideoCaster software can broaden the capabilities of devices such as TVs, set-top-boxes and games consoles. Branded VideoCaster software creates opportunities for product or service differentiation. By licensing VideoCaster software, OEMs or service providers allow users to more fully enjoy device capabilities.

VideoCaster uses DLNA protocols and offers good compatibility with DMR and DMP class devices.

VideoCaster benefits to users:

Stream PC desktop/Laptop to TV – supports any Internet streaming service without restrictions
Ideal for social use of laptop
Play media file content from PC on TV without format compatibility problems
Performs intelligent real-time transcoding
Maintains highest video quality possible
Uses any codecs available on PC
Stream audio to TV or home theatre
Listen to music from laptop via high quality audio system
Laptop free for normal use