Ultra Wideband Wireless

The Veebeam UWB modules are an example of our development capabilities. These units were put into production and many tens of thousands have been produced to date. For industrial, medical and scientific applications where WiFi is not usable, these modules can be used to provide high throughput wireless connectivity over ranges of up to 10m. With available application throughput in excess of 100Mb/s, UWB can enable wireless applications with throughput demands that exceed the capabilities of Wi-Fi. The Veebeam UWB solution is based on WiMedia and Wireless USB standards.

To allow for easy integration and evaluation of Veebeam UWB technology, modules connect to a host device via USB and enumerate as a standard networking device. An evaluation kit is available that consists of a pair of UWB modules that forms a point-to-point Ethernet type service.

Key features of the Veebeam UWB solution are:

Easy integration
Provides Ethernet type service for IP networking
Provides > 100Mb/s application throughput
Range up to 10m
Operates in unlicensed and uncongested RF band
The technology is highly suitable for applications where:

Wi-Fi throughput is insufficient or is congested
QoS requirements can not be met with Wi-Fi
Low RF transmitter power and minimal interference is required