In Home Video Streaming

Software components that use DLNA/UPnP protocols are available from Veebeam for video and audio streaming between networked devices. Key features:

Media server and media renderer device software available
Can be deployed on PC or embedded device e.g. STB
Forms gateway for externally delivered services
Services enabled by adding new stream sources e.g. Digital TV or Internet streaming services.
Link Performance Monitor allows stream source adaptation
For home networking applications, we adopt a standards-based approach and have a strong focus on enabling seamless inter-operability between devices. Our use of DLNA/UPnP protocols creates opportunities for delivering streaming services to and from multi-vendor networked devices such as televisions, set-top-boxes and games consoles.

The Veebeam media server forms the core of the Veebeam HD consumer product which is regularly used by many thousands of users. The flexible architecture of the Veebeam media server enables support for alternative streaming services and media formats. Our innovative transcoding manager overcomes most format compatibility issues and helps relieve a common frustration for users.