Veebeam provides licensable technology and design services with a specialisation in Device-to-device video delivery, wireless protocol software and wireless product development. With the practical knowledge gained from developing a number of wireless video products, Veebeam offers a system wide perspective with the expertise to provide optimised streaming performance at all layers. Our extensive library of reusable software components enables us to develop product software rapidly and at low risk.
Providing an acceptable viewing experience to users presents a major challenge when streaming video over unmanaged local area networks and particularly over wireless. Veebeam understands the options and tradeoffs needed for successful video delivery between networked devices. Whether streaming over a wired network, Wi-Fi or over an alternative wireless technology such as a UWB, our goal is to help our clients create video streaming products that work well for end users.
The ability to stream HD video over wireless and wired LANs is the key enabler for many new applications. Veebeam VideoCaster technology, used by the Veebeam HD streaming product, is just one application that builds on our core video streaming capability.