Based in Cambridge UK, Veebeam Ltd is a technology company that architects, designs and develops wireless technology and products.  We accelerate our client’s time to market with our reuseable software building blocks and contract design services.

Our specialist area is wireless device-to-device video streaming systems and our expertise covers:

  • Wireless product architecting, design and development
  • Video streaming over IP networks
  • Wireless Protocol Software
  • Multi platform software design and delivery
  • GUI design
  • DLNA
  • Standards Contribution and Steering

Our licensable VideoCaster software provides a flexible and extensible platform for streaming to DLNA devices, a foundation for video networking solutions and has been commercially proven in the Veebeam HD product that was launched in 2010.

The company continues to extend and build upon its skill sets and core libraries to enhance its capabilities, notably participating in the C2Power EU research programs, where we have developed a test bench for multi-protocol wireless link optimisation.


The team at Veebeam Ltd has been developing wireless networking and streaming technology since 2002, with the vision that future portable devices would view, store, stream and create video which would lead to the need for wireless connectivity to HD displays, TVs, gateways and storage.

Today, our vision remains the same and we are using the software, skills and tools we have architected, designed and developed in the last ten years to enable new products and features for third parties in this exciting market.  Our commitment to technology is shown through our contribution to the C2Power EU research program where intelligent wireless systems will able to preserve your battery life and offer the seamless wireless connectivity we desire for our portable devices.

As a subsidiary of Veebeam Corporation (formerly Staccato Communications and Artimi), Veebeam Ltd performed the product development with its core strength being the ability to architect the systems, design, develop and deliver.  Through the development of Medium Access Control (MAC) software, Linux wireless drivers, Windows and Apple Mac software, production test software and customer support tools a vast library of highly re-useable software has been produced and a track record in producing manufacturable wireless products.

In its formative years, the company participated in regulatory working groups such as CEPT TG3, ITU SG1/TG 1/8, ETSI TG31a and MIC to enabled the delivery of the world’s first Ultrawideband  (UWB) semiconductor product to meet global regulatory requirements.  Initial solutions were developed using UWB wireless single chip WiMedia-based silicon solution, which offered the lowest power, highest bandwidth wireless connectivity at the time.

Building on these technical achievements the company developed solutions to help kick start the market for wireless video streaming to HD digital TVs, releasing its own 1080p Wireless Media Renderer product solution, the Veebeam HD.   This product connects laptops wirelessly to HD digital TVs allowing Internet or locally stored media to be enjoyed and shared in full 1080p.  In 2011 the software technology was extended to stream media between devices using any available TCP/IP network such as WiFi, Ethernet or Home-Plug.

Our knowledge covers every aspect of wireless video solutions, ranging from wireless module design and certification through to video networking and the graphical user interface for the device.

As a stand-alone company, Veebeam Ltd, is now offering technology licensing and design services to companies that want to enhance their existing products or develop to new products in this exciting market space.